Monday, February 15, 2010

Almost Time for Spring Cleaning!

I’m really excited to begin my first phase of Spring Cleaning! Spring is just around the corner, and I always associate the beginning of this season with cleaning. I hope to start first with my closet! I bought a few organizing totes, and I’m going to try to be more efficient and organized with my things. I also hope to go through my clothes and remove items I have not worn for more than a year. Paul and I both try not to hold on to too much “stuff.” It is so freeing to not be tied down by your personal belongings. We feel that we can fly off at anytime without worrying about leaving our things behind. Paul lets go of his things too quickly sometimes, and I am the one who makes excuses to keep things. It can be pretty funny when Paul is looking for a book or something else that he has given away and then we end up buying it again!

I am also feeling a major pull in my heart to adopt a more modest wardrobe. Modest dress has been a topic of discussion for Paul and me since the beginning of our marriage. It is definitely one I have spent time praying about also. I am really beginning to understand how important it is to be set apart from the world. I also know that I am currently not where I hope to be in the future, regarding modesty. I am growing and changing everyday. This is a journey and I am praying for strength and guidance to become the woman that Yahweh wants me to be. So the changes I am making now may be small, but they are changes in the right direction. I admit that I can still get caught up in the current styles and trends, but I know that in my heart, these material things are not important to who I truly am.

Another great way to start a spring cleaning regime is by beginning a fast or cleansing program. Try juicing or eating a 100% raw diet for a days, and the EJUVA Herbal Cleanse is another awesome way to rid your body of excess toxins. We try to do this program yearly, but I am holding off now until I am finished with breastfeeding.

I encourage all of you to start a little spring cleaning! Whether it is your closet, your diet, or your spiritual life, try cleaning different areas in your life to create room for more positive things to come to you this year.


Joanna said...

Some exciting changes, Andrea! Baruch HaShem! I am kind of looking forward to spring cleaning (and preparing for passover), but so much more I am just looking forward to SPRING!! ;) I know that this year it will be so special after experiencing a real winter, and I'll never take flowers & sunshine for granted again!! We miss you guys so much and hope everything is going well for you. I can't believe Noa is starting to walk! From the day that I got Elli her Stride Rite shoes, she hasn't stopped since, and now she's trying to run! It's amazing. Take care! And happy cleaning!

Christine said...

It's a great feeling to be rid of the 'stuff' that we think we need but really don't! I'm hearing you on the modesty thing...actually, I've been hearing your husband on the modesty thing too!!! I think it is important for us to not look like the world, and the world is caring less and less about modesty. A good time for you to be 'addressing' the issue as you come into summer when most people will be taking all their clothes off!!! Blessings!

Go Green Health said...

I would love to dress with more modest standards as well. Some people wear long skirts & don't show neck lines or shoulders. I understand this completely. My issue is that it would be hot!!! I love tank tops (that cover female parts) in the summer & wear knee length shorts mostly. Plus, with long hair, it's even hotter! I guess the materials that the clothes are made from can make a difference. Keep us updated on what God is convicting you on & be specific if you can! :)
Jim Bob Duggar said there is a verse in Isaiah that says showing the thigh is nakedness. I have yet to look that up for myself.

Joanna said...

Gotta love Jim Bob Duggar!! ;)
The verse in Isaiah is probably Isaiah 47:2-3 "Take the millstones and grind meal. Remove your veil, Take off the skirt, Uncover the thigh, Pass through the rivers. Your nakedness shall be uncovered, Yes, your shame will be seen; I will take vengeance, And I will not arbitrate with a man." And there is also Exodus 28:42 "And you shall make for them linen trousers to cover their nakedness; they shall reach from the waist to the thighs." Hope this helps! I believe that modesty (for men & women) is very important to G-d.

Anonymous said...

Popular subject. I, too, have been hearing about modesty from YHWH. It's on the Father's heart, and those who have ears to hear should be picking it up. I'm actually in the process of making more skirts for Trinity and me!! :)

Andrea Nison said...

I definitely want to start making my own clothes too! I have the sewing machine, so I'm just trying to find some nice fabrics and patterns and I'll get started. I'll let you all know how it goes! I would love some ideas as well, so please share!

Paul Nison said...

Andrea is the most amazing beautiful woman of Yahweh. Thank you for an amazing post.

Karen Johnson said...

Great post, Andrea.
Everything has frequency/vibrations. Manmade fabrics are rated at '0' (zero). Cotton at 50. Average person is 70-90. Unbleached/organic cotton is 100. Linen/flax and wool are whopping 5,000. So those that are below a persons normal frequency draw energy from you. Those above 90 are beneficial. Linen & wool are considered 'healing' fabrics. Scripture says we will be clothed in white linen! interesting.
I have a couple of posts on my blog about linen (thanks to Paul for introducing us to Rico) if u are interested, and more links.