Saturday, January 9, 2010

Herbal Infusions

Herbal Infusions

Recently, I began to make my own herbal infusions after being inspired by Susun Weed and her interview on The Raw Mom Summit. I purchased the herbs stinging nettle and oat straw to experiment. I followed the instructions from and soon discovered how simple and easy it was to make these delicious and nourishing infusions. An infusion is different than steeping the average tea bag. Keeping the jar covered and steeping it for more than 4 hours allows for the nutrients and minerals to transfer to the drinking water, which makes these infusions so medicinal.

They are so many nutritional benefits to these infusions!

Stinging nettle is used for the following :

* diuretic
* breaking down arthritis crystals and gout
* heavy menstrual bleeding
* anti-allergy and hay fever
* shrinking enlarged prostate
* hemorrhoids
* detoxifier
* increased breast milk production
* asthma
* skin complaints including eczema

Oat Straw benefits:

* fighting osteoporosis
* building bones
* pain relief
* calming hyperactive children
* soothing elderly people
* fighting anxiety
* panic attacks
* boosting immune system
* depression and nervous exhaustion
* antidepressant

It’s so easy:

1 ounce of dried herb (approx. 1 cup)
Fill 1 quart glass container with boiling water. Seal tightly, and let it sit overnight.

The next morning, strain out the herb, and refrigerate the tea. It will stay fresh for about 3 days. We return the used herb to the earth by putting it back in our compost.

I find these teas refreshing and light and sip on them all day. You can drink them warm or iced, and adding a little mint leaf or lemon will make them even more refreshing.

Herbal Infusions are a simple and economical way to boost your immune system and keep you healthy!


Anonymous said...

How do you know what herbs to use? Can it be regular herbs like spices? This is really interesting...I'd like for you to do a follow-up blog when you get a little more comfortable with what you've learned!!

Karen Johnson said...

I also began making infusions after listening to Susun from the same summit. I've been making red raspberry leaf and nettle, on rotation. I add some aloe vera juice to make it more palatable for me. Some of my dc also drink it with a bit of honey or the aloe. Simple.

Andrea Nison said...

I am going to try the red raspberry leaf next. Thanks Karen!

Andrea Nison said...
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