Monday, December 21, 2009

Clove Oil & Teething

Last week, I was experiencing an earache and gum soreness because of a wisdom tooth coming in. I have yet to have any of my wisdom teeth removed, and I don’t plan on having this procedure done anytime soon. I feel that these teeth are there for a reason, and I don’t experience any issues except for maybe a few days every year when one of these teeth seem to break through even more. There seems to be enough room for these teeth, and I am aware that it is important to keep them clean. But of course, every time I go to the dentist, they try to pressure me to have them removed. Maybe someday in the future I may consider it, but now that I am breastfeeding and plan to have more children, I don’t want to burden my body with anesthesia and unnecessary surgeries.

So, as this tooth began to break through from the surrounding gum line, I realized that soon, Noa will be getting teeth and it might be a little sore and painful. Two of her bottom teeth have come in without any pain or problems, but I heard that some of the others might not be so easy. Usually I just bare through my wisdom teeth dilemma without any relief from the irritating pain. I just pray and hope that the Father imparts to me some “wisdom” that I might need at this period in my life. But this time, I wanted to try and find some relief so I will know how to help Noa when her other teeth and molars arrive.

Clove oil has been used in the past to help with toothaches and pain, and I had some on hand so I gave it a try. I put a few drops on a cotton swab and rubbed it on the sore gum and tooth. Instantaneously, I felt relief! It was incredible! I couldn’t believe how quickly the clove oil worked and how long it lasted. For 2 hours, I completely forgot about the pain. Once the oil’s effects wore off, I just reapplied the clove oil and was relieved again. It seemed to also speed the recovery process. By the next day, the gum surrounding the wisdom tooth was not as sore and I didn’t even need to apply the oil.

It amazes me how quickly these essential oils can work in our bodies. Clove oil has been used in dentistry for centuries. It has very strong pain-killing properties, as well antimicrobial and antifungal uses to help heal acne, warts, scars and parasites.

I know I will definitely be using it to help Noa through her teething process. I may dilute the clove oil with an edible oil like olive or coconut, so it is not as strong for her. I highly recommend using clove oil first before trying any pharmaceutical methods for teething. It is another miraculous, natural healing tool given to us by our Creator.


Anonymous said...

I use Clove oil for Josiah's teeth, but he doesn't like the taste, so I only force it on the worst ones. He immediately has relief, but the flavor bothers him. I have to caution you to DEFINITELY cut the oil with olive oil or coconut (I wonder how that would taste...). I used it on my mouth several times in a row without cutting it and disturbed the mucous cells or something in my mouth. My lip puffed up and looked like a bunch of cancor sores for about a week!! It was NOT fun. I am a distributor of Young Living Oils if you ever need to order. Everyone who orders with me gets my price. :)

Andrea Nison said...

Hi Tanya! Thanks so much for the suggestions! I will definitely dilute the oil first. A friend also suggested using St. John's Wort because her son didn't like the taste either, so I might try that too. We are also a distributor for Young Living, but thanks for the offer. Hope you guys are doing great!

Mukesh kumar said...

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