Friday, March 12, 2010

Fruit Flies No More!

One thing about living in South Florida's warm and humid climate is that our kitchen can easily become a breeding ground for those annoying fruit flies. I learned quickly that overripe fruit and an unsealed compost container will feed these pests overnight and soon turn into a big problem.

So I have learned a few techniques to keep these tiny flies at bay. Here are a few tips to help you as the weather gets warmer and more fruit comes into season.

#1: Fruit flies eat the yeast that develops when overripe fruit begins to decompose, so avoid storing overly ripe fruit on counter tops and move this fruit to the refrigerator.

#2.Keep counter tops clean and wash and put away any utensils used for cutting fruit.

#3. Keep all compost bins tightly closed and store them away from the entrance to the home.

#4. Pour apple cider vinegar (click here to order) and a small amount of dish soap inside a glass, stir it, then place open glass near where the fruit flies are congregating and leave it overnight. In the morning you will find that the fruit flies are attracted to the smell and will fall in and drown.

#5. For those of you who might feel a little bad about "killing" these pests, then place an overly ripe fruit in a glass or jar, cover it with saran wrap, then poke holes in the wrap with a fork. Leave the glass or jar on the counter during the day and overnight. The flies will fly in, but are unable to escape. Then relocate them outside far away from the house.

So these are few tips to help keep your home free from these tiny nuisances. These tips have definitely helped us keep these pests under control.

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