Saturday, April 3, 2010

Living Debt Free!

It has been a while since the last post, and I have been trying to make time to write, but life seems to be a little crazy lately!

We got home from our trip to California and Arizona a little over a week ago, and then it was time to prepare for Passover. I was hoping to have my spring cleaning finished before the first night, but now I am just hoping to be complete by summer! I have a few different piles accumulating that I plan to donate, including lots of clothes that I no longer wear and don't plan to wear again (and some I probably should have never worn). It feels so great to let go of these items and make room for clothes that fit into my current lifestyle.

We bought a car yesterday! One thing that Paul has taught me is to learn to live within our means. We currently drive a 10 year old car that I bought a few years before Paul and I met. He helped me pay it off when we got married, and we have shared it since then. We are strong believers in Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University and have been working to pay off all our debt, including our house. We desire to live completely debt free! It is such an amazing feeling to not be a slave to the government. We no longer use credit cards except for business transactions (which is paid off every month) and if we do not have money to buy something, we don't buy it! This was a completely new concept for me! I have had to really retrain my thinking, but now I am a strong believer in living debt free!

So we saved some money and bought a used 2002 Honda Civic with 50,000 miles. This car will be perfect to help us get around town here in West Palm Beach. It is efficient and runs great. There are a few quirks that we have to get fixed, like the back windows don't roll down and we need to install a CD player, but we own it! We did not have to take out a loan and we do not have any buyer's remorse!

I encourage any of you who may be in debt to start listening to Dave Ramsey's show, buy his book, or listen to his CD's (Click here to buy The Total Money Makeover by Dave Ramsey from our site). He will give you step by step instructions to help free you from financial debt. We are currently free from credit card debt, school loans and car payments. Our next goal is to pay off our house, which we hope to do within the next few years. It has taken lots of prayer, discipline and retraining on my part to be able to live this way, but the blessings are abundant. We are free!


Jessica - Go Green Health said...

Amen to that sister! We paid off our old house 3 years ago & paid off our current house last month. God has blessed my husband with the drive & the means to be financially responsible with what we are given. We pay off credit cards every month. I drive a 10 y/o car, he drives a 16 year old car! There is sooo much peace in being debt free.

Andrea Nison said...

That is so awesome Jessica!! You are great testimony to other young couples too!

LisaE said...

We just started Financial Peace University about 7 weeks ago. I have working on it but it is hard to keep on track! I am really surprised at how much money we actually spend. Great program, though.

Tom said...

Credit cards are the legal extortion of our time. Get rid of them or pay them off every month.

Becky said...

In my religion (Islam) it is forbidden to charge or pay interest. I use my one credit card for purchases and pay it off in full each month. Thank God, I've never been in debt, even before becoming a Muslim. I doubt I'll ever own a home, though. It's just too expensive to buy one cash in California.

Design By Bain said...

I have read the books and use the system, still have a ways to go, but our entire financial mindset has changed thanks to Dave!