Thursday, June 16, 2011

What do you feed your baby?

Here is a video of a few commonly asked questions Paul and I receive, and my responses!


Jessicadelight said...

Great Video Drea!!! JJ is 10 months old and I just give him litle tiny tastes of fruits and veggies but not more than that! at around 7 months he was desiring food so much so I started to give him an avocado or mango even banana but then I totally stopped cause he started wanting that more than breast milk! Now he only wants tastes of food and thats it he pushes it away after a bite or two! So for sure I am going to try and keep this up till he gets his teeth to actually chew food!! Thanks for all your advice!

Jaime said...

Hi Andrea, thanks for the video. I have a question. I weened my baby a few months ago when she was about 15 months because I wanted to detox my body before I got pregnant again (I never did a detox and been either pregnant or nursing since 04 and the new health changes came when I had my last one). What would you recommend I give her to drink and eat. She is 17 months old now. I have been giving her vanilla rice milk and mostly fruit and grains because she doesn't seem to like veggies that much. Thank you.

Andrea Nison said...

That's great Jess! Just keep following your motherly intuition. Love you!

Hi Jaime,

Babies still enjoy sweet tasting foods, so that is normal she is not ready to eat lots of veggies. Maybe try avocado, banana, papaya, mango and other soft and sweet fruits.

Do you have a source for raw goat's milk? That would be the next best thing to supplement her with after breastmilk. You can also make your own almond milk using a high speed blender and pouring it through a sprout bag. Add a little honey or dates to sweeten it. Green juices sweetened with apples or carrots are also great. I would just keep trying different foods until she seems to really like one. She will be drawn to what her body needs too.

Jaime said...

Thanks Andrea, I wish I knew where to find raw goats milk around here. I am sure there is but I haven't found it yet. How much fluid do you think 18 month old's should get? I give her some of my green fruit smoothie in am and she does eat banana, kiwi, and most fruits including avocado. She loves it and I am so glad because I know how healthy they are. Would you recommend almond milk from the store as opposed to rice milk? When you say green juice, what do you mean? Thanks

Andrea Nison said...

Hi Jaime!

I recommend making your own almond milk if possible. It is really easy. Just blend 1 cup of almonds with 3-4 cups of water, then pour through a sprouting a bag, and you have fresh almond milk! You can reuse the pulp for raw cookies or almond flour for other recipes.

If you are not ready for that, then any almond or rice milk from the store will do.

We make green juices with cucumbers, celery, kale, collards, apples, beets, carrots and in any combination. We use a juicer, but you can also you a blender and then strain it through a sprout bag.

Check out this site:

and you might be able to find a source somewhere near you. Where do you live?

I hope this is helpful!

Jaime said...

Thank you so much Andrea, that is great stuff.

Jaime said...

Hi again, I just found out I am pregnant and since I wasn't planing it, I didn't get a chance to do a detox. Do you know if there are any detoxes pregnant women can do? Thanks so much.