Friday, November 21, 2014

Family of Four Moves to Iraq to Help Thousands of Displaced Refugees

Since May, I have been overwhelmed with the burden to pray and support my dear friends Jessica and Jordan Danchik who, last year, relocated their family to Iraq to minister and help the thousands of refugees displaced because of the ISIS Crisis. At times, I wanted to beg them to come home, but after fervent prayer, God has made clear to me that this is their calling and they are living completely in God's will, where they are safe and protected.

My heart is constantly with them, and the thousands of people who have been displaced. I admire their courage for standing for what is right and surrendering their lives to help these people in desperate need. At times, I have felt fearful for them and their situation, but I know they are in God's will, and the organization they work with is doing its best to keep them safe.

After overcoming the initial response of fear, I felt that God showed me how I can directly help them, and that is by raising awareness about their situation and sharing their story so others can directly help as well. They work with an amazing organization called Crisis Response International (Cri) based in Nashville, Tennessee. You can even train and join them if you feel led! They need help in numerous ways. You can start by praying for the Danchiks and the other responders and donating directly to them at or the Cri website: All donations will be directly used to help the thousands of people in need of food, medical supplies, clothes, blankets and many other necessary items to get them through the cold winter.

Please watch the interview below with my dear friend Jessica, and please pray and consider helping in any way.



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