Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Essential Oils We Use

There are many different ways to access the benefits of essential oils. The most common uses are applying topically, inhaling, diffusing and taken as a dietary supplement. We use a wide variety of oils and are not yet familiar with all of the essential oils available.

Here are some of the most common essential oils we use:

is used to combat inflammation, parasites, fungus, and it is used to help digestion, curb appetite, and has many other benefits.
-Paul makes a tooth soap with the peppermint oil and Dr. Bronner’s soap
-We put a few drops in tea and other recipes
-We use it in massage oil, directly inhale it, diffuse or use as dietary supplement

also has many uses and benefits, such as antiseptic, antifungal, relaxant, reduces blood fat/cholesterol, and promotes tissue regeneration. We also use it for bug bites, and I rubbed it on my stomach throughout my pregnancy to prevent stretch marks.
-Drop a few drops in the bathtub
-Blend a few drops with Jojobo or almond oil and use to massage

Sandalwood is an immune stimulant, helps skin conditions and the herpes virus. It enhances deep sleep, stimulates the pineal gland, which is the center of emotions, and is grounding and stabilizing.
-Drop into a diffuser before bed
-I make a blend with sandalwood, ylang ylang and jojobo oil and wear it daily

Ylang Ylang is used for heart issues, anxiety, depression, hair loss and intestinal problems. It has antispasmodic, antidiabetic, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic qualities, and also regulates the heart. Ylang Ylang is known to balance male-female energies, enhances spiritual attunement, combats anger and low self-esteem, and restores confidence and peace.
-Use in massage oil, diffuse, inhale or take as a dietary supplement

Frankincense is an ancient anointing oil used in religious ceremonies for thousands of years. It was one of the gifts given to Yeshua at his birth. It was valued more than gold during those times, and only those with great wealth possessed it. It is known for being antitumoral, immuno-stimulant, antidepressant, and muscle relaxing. It is used to treat depression, cancer, respiratory infections, inflammation and is immune-stimulating. It stimulates glands in the brain and produces vital hormones including thyroid and growth hormone. There are more than 52 references to frankincense throughout the Scriptures.
-Use it is massage oil and rub into vita-flex points, directly inhale, diffuse, and use as a dietary supplement.
-We like to diffuse it throughout the house

Four Thieves Blend
is a highly antiviral, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-infectious oil blend. It was created by 15th-century thieves who rubbed oils on themselves to avoid catching the plague while they robbed dead bodies. This blend consists of clove, lemon, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus and rosemary.
-Four Thieves can be diffused , applied topically and ingested internally

PLEASE NOTE: When using oils straight from the original bottle, be careful not to contaminate the opening with your fingers. The oils on your hands can change the molecular make-up and make them less potent.

There are hundreds more essential oils that are used for healing, so don’t feel overwhelmed. Just start by becoming familiar with a few at a time and you’ll be an expert before you know it!


Joanna said...

This is very helpful, Andrea. I've been wanting to know about some essential oils, especially to use for things like air fresheners and in natural cleaners for the house, because I have been gradually getting rid of chemical cleaners and sprays. So this is a good intro for me. I was going to look at Whole Foods for them. Where do you buy them at and how much are they?

Andrea Nison said...

Hey Joanna,

We actually buy them online through Young Living. You can sign up and have access to the oils if you purchase at least $50.00 a year, which I definitely do. They are the highest quality, and we also sell a few oils we use often at a wholesale price from our site. The average price is $20.00 - $30.00 for some of the basics, and they go up from there. I would love to talk more about it with you. Let's try and get together before you go.

Karen Johnson said...

I'm glad u shared the note about not touching the opening of the bottles. Ooops! We are guilty of doing that. We take special note so when we get new bottles we won't wreck them.

Anonymous said...

I, too, am guilty of sticking my finger on the top of the bottle. Thanks for the info! Lemon oil is quickly becoming one of my favorites, too. It helps neutralize acid in the body for people who aren't eating the way they should be (or drinking coffee!). It's great for skin and a really good cleaner. There are tons of uses for it. Lavender is hands down my most used oil. I use it for everything from drops in my cleaning supplies to drops on wounds/bruises. It's so soothing for the kids at night, too. Thieves is the best way to keep from picking up public germs at gymnastics and Wal-Mart! :) I see that you're a distributor, so forget my other comment. ;)

Joanna said...

Andrea, we would like to buy one of the theives blend oil & one peppermint. Should we order them from your website?