Tuesday, December 1, 2009

In response to our recent coming out of the vegan closet!

The word is out! Paul and I have recently come clean about occasionally eating some raw animal products like goat’s milk and sheep’s cheese and raw cage-free, vegetarian eggs. We are no longer “vegan.” After 10 years, it’s actually liberating to not put myself in a box or under a certain label. I am learning to follow my body, which I believe to be the most important way to monitor my own health. Everyone needs to listen to their own bodies! I don’t believe that there is one way for everyone to eat. I am 100% supportive of the raw-vegan diet, and know that it is an extremely cleansing and healing diet that will benefit almost everyone who tries it on a short-term basis. That can be anywhere from a few weeks, to years depending on the person’s health. But long-term the vegan diet may not be as sustainable as we were led to believe.

This isn’t something we just did on a whim. We have been interviewing lots of people the past few years on our quest for vibrant health. We are open-minded and willing to experiment. If it’s not working, we will be honest and let people know. It is our responsibility to be straightforward and truthful in our journey so we do not mislead anyone. Our passion is to show people the healing benefits of the raw, living foods diet and for someone who has attained a healthy lifestyle, re-introducing raw sheep and goat products on occasion will probably be okay. But if you are in a health crisis, then adopting a raw-vegan diet will be beneficial for most people. If you are looking to heal from a serious illness, then please seek professional supervision before embarking on such a dramatic diet change.

What we have found is that maybe it is better to have a raw egg yolk in an almond milk once a week instead of loading our body with tons of supplements that are expensive and may not even be assimilated into the nutrients we need! A few years ago, before Paul left the vegan world, he had a dream that all of the supplements he was taking were sticking to the inside of his intestinal tract like glue! He couldn’t have asked for a clearer sign from our Creator that maybe overloading on supplements was not the right path for him. He decided to try other methods, and some people mentioned to him to try raw animal products like eggs and goat and sheep products.

I know there are a lot of fanatics out there who are disappointed that we are now experimenting with animal products (I read their comments on The Raw Life Health Show.) And I have been that fanatic vegan years ago! But there are also just as many people who are supportive and thankful that we are honest and lots of others who agree with us on this point.

I’m sure that this will be a debatable issue for some time. I guess that is how we learn and grow, and both Paul and myself are far from where we hope to be in the future. Thanks to all of you for your support and growing with us! We appreciate everyone’s comments and experiences.


DebB said...

Hi Andrea, I'm one of your subscribers that truly appreciates your and Paul's honesty about how you eat! I have a lot of respect for both of you and your honesty falls right in line with that.

I've been raw vegan for about 18 months. I have an open mind - or I wouldn't be a raw vegan! ha.

Paul mentioned being deficient in calcium - this is what I'm curious about. I would appreciate more information about the specifics. For example, do you drink goat's milk to boost your calcium level?

Why do you eat a raw egg yolk? What supplements does this replace?

I'm so excited that you're sharing this information.

I've never had goat's milk (I was raised on a small dairy farm). I've never had goat's or sheep's cheese. I've never eaten a raw egg.

But I do have an open mind! I *think* I can get raw goat's milk here in Washington State.

Would you be open to eating cooked meat?

I'm also interested in how much you eat of what. For example 1 cup of goat's milk twice a week ~ that sort of information. I know you don't drink that much because Paul said you're unable to get it in FL, but that was just an example.

Thanks again ~ I'm loving this new information!

Debbie *Ü*

p.s. Am I the only one that has probalems with this Google account? I typically have to re-register every time I use this, using the same display name and password. Otherwise it tells me 'incorrect password'. Any help would be appreciated with this too. *Ü*

Go Green Health said...

I think you articulated your explanation very clearly. Again, your honesty & transparency is appreciated, especially with the people who may judge rather than accept what is working for you & Paul. For people who are really familiar with Paul, they should know that he doesn't do things on a whim & it would be well researched before making any quick decisions.

Jessica G.


The Jackson Family said...

Andrea, You and Paul (and Noa) are such a beautiful family and a great example to all of us before whom you live so openly. When I learned about the raw vegan diet, I knew it was something I could never do consistently, especially having 2 (almost 3) tiny kids. But my motto is "everything in moderation." We have eliminated dairy (based on logic-- it's for the animal babies, not humans) and REALLY limited meat consumption (especially for dinner) to only grass-fed/free-range, and including raw vegan meals when we're up to it. We are so thankful to have heard Paul's teachings and incorporate some of the principles he has suggested. I LOVE that you all are open to learning new things and are not dogmatic in your beliefs. Keep up the good work!

Selene said...

Andrea, are you also eating cooked foods? If so, are you eating high vibrational (according to HHI's philosophy) or other cooked? Grains?

Or are you still eating like raw vegans just with adding some milk, cheese, eggs. In other words, are you still eating mostly ripe, organic, uncooked veggies and fruits mostly?

Thanks so much.

Andrea Nison said...

HI Selene! I would say I am more inline with the HHI philosophy. I do eat some occasional grains like millet and quinoa, and I may have some cooked vegetarian options as well. But mostly greens, some fruit, and occasional animal products like goat milk or sheep's cheese like once a month seems to make-up my diet. We also juice daily and try not to eat after the sun goes down.