Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Raw Lemon Cheesecake with Strawberry Sauce Recipe

2 cups almonds (soaked at least 6 hours, dehydrate 2 hours)
1/2 cup medjool dates

Process in food processor

1/4 shredded coconut

Sprinkle coconut on bottom of spring form pan. Press in crust on top.

Cheesecake Filling:

3 cups cashews (soaked 2 hours)
3/4 coconut oil
3/4 honey
3/4 lemon
1 tsp. vanilla powder or extract
sea salt to taste

Blend ingredients in high speed blender. Pour mixture on top of crust. Tap pan to remove air bubbles.

Strawberry Sauce:

2 cups strawberries
1/2 cup dates or honey

Blend in high speed blender. Pour sauce on top and freeze together, or serve sauce separate.

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Danielle said...

Beautiful! I need to get a spring form pan. Looks wonderful.